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The pair has under pressure last week amid the baffling pathway of exiting from the European Union trade deal and a little bit strict stance of Pm Jonson along with the fear of world recession amid growing fear of the outbreak of Coronavirus and its deadly impact.

Therefore we are looking for good entries for selling this pair for the week under consideration.

Thus our view is to Sell the pair Below. 1.3190 with the stop loss. 1.3319 and Targeting around. 1.25601, if Stop-Loss Triggered it could pave the way Towards. 1.36723.


The pair has boosted last week unexpectedly and presented itself as a safe haven, however, a lot of hurdles we are seeing for its further surging and ultimately it will go down as anti-dollar,

Therefore we are in view of Selling this par Below. 1.10696 for the Target of 1.06952 with the Stop Loss. 1.10744 if stop loss hit we will wee this pair Towards. 1.12081.


Gold has lost its momentum of upward due to various factors, e..g. dismal picture everywhere, possible intervention from the world’s central banks and of course due to the bargain hunters along with a seasonal downward quarter.

Therefore, we are in view to Sell Gold below. 1643 for the Target of 1436 with the Stop Loss of. 1695.


We have witnessed last week plunging of this cryptocurrency due to the heavy selling pressure on the worldwide stock market, however, we are expected that bitcoin is now looking its support levels, however, we remain in sell but not in far long as our selling target might be the important supporting levels for this cryptocurrency.

Thus our view for the week under consideration is. Sell below. 9744. Target. 8082. Stop-Loss. 10660, if hit Stop Loss. we could see further surging Towards. 11814.