It is a very important development that the USA and China have formed a trade deal, though the forex Market was almost paused on Wednesday,

however, this news is about to kick in so as to the stock market.

We are seeing a good momentum even the start of the European trading session.

we expect the continuation of this momentum which could plunge the DOLLAR and anti-dollar stock gaining momentum towards the upside.

however, still pessimistic view lingering in with this news as it is the only first phase.

Nevertheless, the deal would pave the way towards further escalation between the two countries.

up till the presidential election to be scheduled this year.

Triumph Impeachment on its way!

Another very important development is also taking place as the Speaker Nancy Pelosi has signed the article of impeachment as well as a team of Democratic who will pursue the impeachment

Stock Market and Fx Market in Jittery position.

it is profoundly believed that this impeachment news would jitter the market and lot of volatility expected for retail forex traders it is advisable to refrain any position until the market showed off calmness.

Avoid taking a position in Fx for the rest of the week!

It is, therefore, our humble request to Retail Traders for making any position for the rest of the week.

otherwise, it would take very adverse inference which is highly and likely particularly in the US session.

Bargain Hunters!

Under the above said two reason we have highly expected domination of Bargain Hunters as usual in order to roost the retail traders,

Lastly, we believe the market could correct some of its early spike caused by the Iran-Us conflict

therefore, you should analyze your interested pairs in a bigger time frame preferably daily and weekly and set your position accordingly.

Have safe and happy trading!