FX Fundamental

Is Forex “Gambling”

The Myth

It has been a phenomenon associated with forex. However,  people have strong arguments to rebuttal each view.

Lets put in both’s perspective in an understanding way.

firstly, What characteristics normally linked with gambling.

A. You put bet without exact knowing like Tale or Head. Likewise in tossing or with cards either playing in the comfort of the drawing-room or in the Casino.

It could be associated with different “forms” and “manifesto”.

B. Its outcome having “no” or “least” accomplishment which could lead to an imbalance “social structure” beside filthy outlaw.

Therefore,  gambling is very very bad.

Consequently, your Fx trading could disastrous unless it has the same society driven bad norms.

Taking decisions with reasons

Resultantly You need to know whether your decisions of buying/selling looks like tossing or casino playing.

Similarly in Gambling, you put bets without knowing Reasons.

On the contrary, in this form of trading, you often make decisions by evaluating reasons like “demand and supply”.

Simultaneously by considering your risk if You have “reasons”  of holding assets’

Although It is the form available on the internet only. However, It has no link whatsoever with Gambling.

Hence It is your decisions who could lead it into gambling. LIkewise ultra usage of leverage, without analyzing demand and supply in technical perception.


Therefore, you should avoid such circumstances and always be eager to learning. By searching to justify your holding. As Gold has its price learning is beyond price.

Noteworthy With this proverb I would like to sign off for the time being.

Hopefully, you have now feat arguments to rebuttal this myth. I have been Shahzad. You have been marvelous.