FX Fundamental

Is Forex Easy?

Easy to understand

In this article, I am going to review how you can easily understand Forex.

First of all, ask yourself why do you want forex learning.

Almost it could either your curiosity of learning or u wish to start but don’t understand. consequently messed up while understanding. What is Forex trading? or what is foreign exchange trading.

Let’s find out the answer to these questions. You probably know Forex is an international fx market. For the reason, that money being sold or brought freely.

Foreign Exchange market might have appeared in the mean of pairs like EUR-USD GBP -CHF. XAU-USD (GOLD) etc.

Please bear in mind it has no physical place and all have been doing on the internet.

Round the Clock Move

Forex is a 24hours market and traders can buy or sell any time except Saturday & Sunday.

Bagged Trillion of Dollars.

You might b surprised that its volume is beyond 3 trillion USD.


As far as its main participants’ concern. It has 5main participants.

Central Bank

commercial bank

Forex brokers

Financial institutions


Individual Traders.

Tradeable Instruments

Apart from currency trading, you can also do commodities trading like oil gold steel silver, etc.

It is noteworthy that commodities and currencies in the fx market is traded versus the USD and may appear like this-


silver (xagusd).

You probably hear in this market the trading scenario in two ways. Spot Forex and future Forex.

Spot means current price+immediate execution.

In contrast to spot, Future means current price +future execution.

Consequently, both spot and future are offered by brokers.


Hence Forex is an international Exchange Market. Available on Net. It doesn’t have Physical Exchange. Only paper money through Net being bought and sold.

For the reason that it’s all about it. Hopefully, it has understood the meaning in the simplest way.