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Gold: Daily possible levels for 4th of Dec;2019


The yesterday session was quite healthy for Gold buyers, consequently, it has had posted 1481, though didn’t saw for days.

however, we are in the view that this upward momentum gone fade away.

This is the possible outcome of the December phenomenon.

Looking for buying for today!!!

As long as the current trend dominate we will have a buying scenario. up till 1457 levels.

Possible pullback for gaining buying!!!!

Under the above mentioned we nutshell to buy gold from 1473 stop loss. 1457 whereas profit could be around 1487 for today.

Finally, if a break out of 1457 occurred could be ideal candidate for 1447&1439 levels.

Please have your portfolio by not investing more than 2-5% and always stick with stop loss. no matter what circumstances shall be.

Have happy trading!!!!