Trump Impeachment acquittal.

The Biggest news as far as fundamentals are concerned is the “acquittal of President Trump impeachment” which would pave the way in US session also being seen in European Session, therefore, we have to manage our trades accordingly.

Preliminary Nonfarm Productivity.

The second economic front news, which has to be weighting is: preliminary Nonfarm Productivity which is expected to have high numbers thus the dollar may take bit boost however, the overall momentum looks strong towards surging of anti-dollar

Trading Outlook!

Apparently the pair seem attraction to both buyers and sellers, therefore, we are in view of both sides lets have numbers for sellers!

Selling Option NO.1

Sell at 1.2958 stop loss. 1.30729 Target. 1.28419 extension. 1.27920

Selling Option No.2.

Sell at 1.31097 stop loss. 1.31788 target. 1.29583 Ext. 1.28491.

Buying OPtion. No.1

Buying at 1.30089 targets. 1.30729 extension.1.31097 stop loss. 1.29583.

Buying Option. No.2.

Buying the pair at 1.31097 targets. 1.31788 ext; 1.32663 with the stop loss. 1.30089.

Adjust your Portfolio!

The above-said figures have derived by keeping different views like fibo, trend line and RSI, please adjust your trade accordingly. it is advisable not to expose more than 5% of your equity for each trade. Have a happy trading