gbpusdTrading Outlook


Pessimistic views around!

Although we were on buying viewed last week due to a couple of reasons i.e. De-escalation of Iran-Us tussles, as well as Brexit, winning by Pm Johnson.

however, new development regarding Prince Hanary Disassociation from Royal status has really gripped this pair in adversity.

Apparently the Queen Agreed upon the consent of Prince Hanary but it has been showing great shock for the Uk public.

Resultantly we are bit shifting our stance and view to further plunging this pair.

So our view is for this day is to sell below: 1.30849 with stop loss. 1.3147 and looking at the target of 1.2909&1.2808 respectively.

Alternatively, if break out occurs we will see this pair shooting towards. 1.3279/1.3427 zone.