gbpusdTrading Outlook


De-cluttering, please!

Firstly it is very important to coll down when tackling such pairs.

who have been a lot of influencing factors so it could go either in any way.

What you have to have a knowledge-driven levels by keeping your risk and reward.

how about a shorter time frame!

Apparently the larger the move the bigger the risk so you need to cut it down or I would say squeezing it as much as possible for daily forecasting and pips hunting try to use shorter time frame like 1 mnt chart or 5 mint chart focus your numbers and go way!!!!!!


interestingly this pair has had nice and smooth buying momentum, therefore, you have to pull your socks for buying, however, we beg to differ this astonishing move we believe if it goes up it will retrace about 50to 61.8% so those main players would join in buying thus our view is to sell the pair (for the day ) around. 1.3117 stop loss 1.3130 take profit 1.3197/1.3264.

inversibly break up of 1.3130 would open the way for 1.3197&1.3264.

Have a nice holiday season and wishing a very prosperous happy new year!