gpjpyTrading Outlook

GBP/Jpy: Weekly outlook.

From: 2nd of December, 2019 to 6th of December, 2019.

Risk Discloser!

Fx trading carrying High risk, you may lose all or major of your investment.

Therefore, taking decision upon our levels shall purely be considered your own actions and we have never been indulged in this regard.

below mentioned outlook only for educational purposes.

Heading towards New High

Apparently, British pounds seem to be strengthening amid speculation that Tories are going to have won the election.

So much so, this has shown a substantial upward momentum going on during the last week.

Notably, we expect the same momentum going to influence next week as well.

Key upward numbers.

Thus Keeping in view the dominate upward trend we expect the market may touch. 142. 67, 147.59 & 151.49 during the next week trading.

Dominate downward numbers

Notably, the market would go on

139.35, 138.38 & 136.57

However, the above-said number would probably be showing as buying opportunities in order for having more attraction towards buying


Under the above said we expect to have a buying from 139.35 for the target of 142.67 and Extention towards. 147.59. with stop loss. 136.57

Alternative Scenario

On the contrary, Break below. 136.57 would open the path of 135.39 &125.81