FX Fundamental

Fundamental Analysis; An outlook

First of all, I am going to review what does fundamental analysis means? In terms of Forex trading and how can we do it for your decision making.?

Two paths to analyze the market

Being an FX trader you may analyze the market through technically and fundamentally.

Furthermore, fundamental analysis, it is the data result which appears timely.

Resultantly, it is pre_scheduled and reflects the health of the economy to the concerned country.

For Example, USA Europ or individual country.

Hence You can find the result through net either from forexfactory.com or from investing.com.

 However your broker or informative FX companies showing it through their web sites also.

You may categories the fundamental data into three parts.

Categories of Fundamental data

High impact. It usually appears in red form and big market players like banks and institutional traders much care of it. To be or not to be having in their portfolio.

It may include.

Interest rate

jobless report

Ppi(producing price index)

CPI (consumer price index)

Central bank’s head speech

FOMC(Federal order market committee: USA report regarding the economic decisions By members eg increase or decrease interest rate. Quantitative measures for boosting the economy of the country.

Almost each of the above-mentioned data takes a lot of volatility if it appears higher than the forecast. It considers good for a particular country and vice versa.

For the reason that being a retail Forex trader, it is highly recommended to avoid any positioning while highly impact data coming.

Medium impact data which takes lesser effect is called medium impact data it also appears in different colors and usually consists of some sort of CPI and PPIs.

However, If the data’s result great than the cost assumes good for the country’s currency exchange rate.

Low impact. The data’s result is minimal or lowest impact and it appears in yellow mostly you may check the source of data, frequency, and impact by clicking on the description of data.

Where you could find the authority who releasing data previous and next data’s schedule.

Noteworthy, Grue’s plea to make decisions after the fizzling out data impact.

Probably, if you make decisions immediately after the data or before the data results. Consequently, it is highly probable you will broasted by the bargain hunters.

Likewise, always decide during normal conditions wait for your desired price and always put stop loss and take profit while keeping the rules of money management.


It is all from us for the time being hope you have a better understanding now about Fundamental analysis keep watching have nice trading.