Fibonacci: Golden Ratio General Outlook

Firstly I am going to discuss in detail about Fibonacci and identification of GOLDEN RATIO.

These are the sequence of numbers initially point out by INDIAN MATHEMATICIAN, 1300YEARS AGO.

As a result these are

Interestingly, if you add up the previous two numbers you will get the next number.

Noteworthy these Series of the number found everywhere from flower to planets to Galaxies.

In recent history, these numbers introduce to us by A K A FIBONACCI.

He is a Japanese mathematician, introduces numerical Arabic numbers to the west as well.

In the absence, People were still counting Roman numbers too difficult to understand!

Noteworthy, the beauty of this sequence is if you divide any sequence2numbers.

The bigger one like 55/34 you will get a ratio that is 1.618 or61.8%ratio called golden ratio.

in fx trading, this golden ratio tends to have a decisive point.

where the market could turn around and change its direction.

Therefore, we must look into account this number very aggressively.