BtcusdTrading Outlook


Don’t be pedantic!

Forex learning is somehow an exotic work, however, by getting good stuff you don’t need to be so pedantic I mean don’t look at each and every move which would invite your attention towards crippling fear.

you should make your chart as simple as it could be.

Finding two ways of opportunities!

The market could go anywhere surging or plunging how about if you had pre-determined rules and numbers in order for getting shine and profitability in your trading journey.

don’t be hebbie& jeebies!

We are here to give you reasonably adequate stuff so you don’t need to be so scarring just manage your equity according to your risk exposure and that shouldn’t be more than 5% of your equity at any time.

Trading Levels!

you could get optimum trading opportunities both from buying and selling all you could need just to see chart and pay attention towards pivots.

As far as this cryptocurrency is concerned we are in the view that these assets either have or going to have near term resistance levels, therefore our prime view is to sell this for your convenience levels are here!

Selling Option No. 1.

Sell @10187 stop loss. 11035 target. 8748

Selling Option. NO2.

Sell @9300 target. 7927 stop loss. 9880.

Buying Option. NO1.

Buy @ 11035 Target. 11825 Stop loss. 8800.

Buying Option No. 2.

Buy @7925 Target. 10187 stop loss. 7560.

Have happy trading!