Trading Outlook

Audchf: daily outlook

Cross look worthy!

Although it is a cross pair, however, a number of retail traders really looking and get out with considerable advantages.

Therein we have just spotted out a good trading opportunity by coupling Fibo numbers.

We have observed that pair is landing on a golden ratio that is 61.8% from its Sep: low at 0.66516 to October high. 0.688070

Trading Tips!

Keeping in view the above circumstances we are in view of buying this pair from 0.67292 with stop loss. 0.67088 with taking profit 0.68150

Alternative Scenario!

Finally, a break below 0.67088 could open the path of 0.66876 &0.66649 respectively.

please put stop loss a very vibrant tool in order to save you from any misadventure. have a safe trading journey!!!